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Since 2000, LFV 11/11/23 has been producing some of the finest wines in the market. We’re passionate about serving our clientele with the great taste and quality they’ve come to expect. With a wide variety of signature products catering to all budgets, we’re the perfect option for your upcoming event, party, or a quiet evening at home.

In order to ensure the highest industry standards, our grapes are lovingly tended from the start of the growing season, and treated carefully so as to prevent bruising. Our production equipment is top-of-the-line, and all of our bottles are made from environmentally-friendly glass. Schedule a tour to learn more!

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Wine Stockists

Our wines are made from deeply aromatic grapes. The following shops around San Francisco have our wines on stock: Axes, Volve and Sovix. They are also available for sale at our on-site store. Check out what’s in stock or contact us to find the most convenient location near you.

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(202) 123-4567

Axes was the first to carry our wines, and now stocks a very broad selection. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Axes allows our clients to purchase their favorite wines without the inconvenience of going all the way to our Winery. If you’re looking to buy a last-minute bottle, this is the place to go.

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(202) 555-5555

Many of our loyal clients have discovered us thanks to Volve. This store has been selling a wide selection of our most popular bottles for several years now and has become quite popular among community members. We’re very fortunate to be doing such great business with Volve.

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(202) 111-2222

LFV 11/11/23 fans will be pleased to find that our wines are now available at the very popular store, Sovix. The convenient location makes it a great solution for wine lovers who live in either the city or the suburbs. Purchase all your favorite wines from Sovix and enjoy great deals.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Who we are at LFV 11/11/23 extends well beyond the founders. We are farmers, harvesters, coopers, winemakers, apprentices, assistants, managers and above all, joyful wine lovers. Meet the staff of LFV 11/11/23 and feel free to come visit us or contact one of our experts with any wine-related question. We are happy to serve you.

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Vineyard Manager

At the heart and soul of LFV 11/11/23 is our Vineyard Manager, Jordan Parker. There’s no doubt that our wines would not be the same if it weren’t for Jordan Parker’s masterful technique.

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Reese Whiteman brings knowledge and professionalism to LFV 11/11/23. As our expert Winemaker, there is no question that our superb wine quality relies on Reese Whiteman.

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Tasting Room Manager

It all starts with the beautiful fruit we harvest at LFV 11/11/23. To say that Jamie Lane, our Tasting Room Manager, has a green thumb when it comes to our vineyard would be the world’s biggest understatement!

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